Weekly Vocaloid Feature - Sleeping Beauty

10:04 AM

Great song by 164. PV is awesome too. I had another song in mind too. Might put that up on Tuesday when I'm finally almost free.

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Producer: 164
PV: ぼろぼろ
Art: 秋赤音
Genre: Pop, Rock
Vocaloid: 初音ミク

Kenn's Comment: 164 is a great composer. He uses Miku well enough that he more or less doesn't need to use Append to get the same results (though I think he may have used Append before). The song is great. Would you call this a rock ballad? I'm not too well versed in classifying music. One thing I do without is Miku's scream in the middle part. I'm not usually a fan of screaming, unless it's done like Yuyuyope (with a raspy scream kind of thing, that you'd find in metal).

Song aside, the PV is a real beauty. ぼるぼる's PV and I'm pretty sure the art is by 秋赤音 (Akiakane, see Rolling Girl). Anywho, over and out!

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