Weekly 東方 Doujin - こがナズ漫画

5:18 PM

Image by Ichimi

Ichimi's back for round two on the blog, and this one's just as wonderful as last time's.

Title: こがナズ漫画, KogaNazu Manga
Artist: Ichimi
Genre: Comedy, Romance,
Characters: Tatara Kogasa, Nazrin, Houjuu Nue, plus a bunch of other minor appearances by other characters

Description from Danbooru:
Pushy Kogasa and blushing Nazrin.
Kenn's Comment: Despite seeming like that rather lackluster description, it more or less embodies the comic quite well.  The loveable 妖怪燃え (youkai moe) Kogasa's a pushy one, but it's what's needed to make Nazrin blush every single time. It's a warm, fluffy love story with light hearted comedy and lots of moe-Kogasa and blushing Nazrin. Nue makes an appearance every now and then too.

Read it over at Danbooru or Pixiv.

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