Weekly Webcomic - Hug

3:46 PM

An Accelerator-Worst short doujin.

Title: Hug
Artist: Harumi Chihiro
Genre: Romance
Series: To aru Majutsu no Index
Characters: Accelerator, Misaka Worst

Kenn's Comment: Congratulations to those who recognized that Harumi Chihiro is the mangaka behind works such as a Cutie Lips, 恋をするのが仕事です。and Velvet Kiss. Probably should be 18 and older to know these too.

Anywho, for those who only follow the Index anime, you probably won't know who Misaka Worst is, and me explaining who she is might take a while, and would be spoiling stuff too (plus it's a pain). So, I won't give background information into this one. I will tell you that she's another one of the Misaka clones.

Anywho, it's a warm, fluffy doujin and is completely worksafe, unlike all of the artist's manga works. The ending is pretty funny too. Without spoiling, I'll just say that a certain character takes up her usual role...I think.

You can read it over at Pixiv, or at Danbooru

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