Weekly Vocaloid Feature - ACUTE - ReAct

11:26 AM

Image by omaru

Double feature to make up for the lack of one in previous weeks. 

Also there was no Song of the Week yesterday because I wasn't home for all of yesterday. 

Title: ACUTE
Producer: 黒うさP
Genre: Pop...?
Vocaloid: KAITO, 初音ミく, 巡音ルカ

Kenn's Comment: I believe this isn't the first time the song has been on the blog. I've put it up once as a video for the KIC Niconico singer way back in those days. It's a great song, and the PV is quite nice as well. It's also quite old, about 2 years old to be exact. I've been putting up mainly recent ones so I decided to go back to an older one. Plus the next one is recent and is the sequel to this one.

Title: ReActs
Producer: 黒うさP
Genre: Pop...?
Vocaloid: 鏡音リン, レン, 初音ミク

Kenn's Comment: The sequel to ACUTE. This time with Miku, Rin and Ren. It follows more or less the same events of ACUTE with a new cast, save for Miku, who plays the role that Luka played in ACUTE. Unfortunately for Miku, she gets the short end of the stick in both songs. 

That aside the song is great. It keeps many similarities to ACUTE (they sounds very similar, bt are still quite different), and makes it quite clear that it's a sequel, or at least a related song. The animation and art is good, keeping the same style from ACUTE. 

Anywho, that's all for this week! See y'all next week! (or whenever I post again).

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