Winter 2012 Anime Previews - 輪廻のラグランジェ

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Highschool mecha Xebec?

Title: 輪廻のラグランジェ, Rinne no Ragurange, Rinne no Lagrange
Animation Production: Xebec
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Airs: 01/08 22:00 TokyoMX
Series Summary from ANN:
Kyono Madoka is the lone member of her school's Jersey Club. She is one day recruited by a mysterious girl named Lan to pilot the robot "Vox" and protect her city from space invaders. They are joined by a third girl, Muginami, who has a different goal than Ran. Meanwhile, they still don't know their enemies' true goal, or what "Rinne" might be. 
Kenn's Comment: Always apprehensive about Xebec. Despite being a satellite comapny of I.G. they're more recent series haven't exactly...been spectacular, so to speak. Like many series (not only by Xebec), I'm seriously hoping that fanservice won't becoming overbearing. I'm fine with it, or when it's done well, but when it's there unnecessarily or ends up being more of a focal point than what was intended, then I've got a problem with it.

The mecha is pretty cool looking; part Macross and part something else...designs look kind of like the Sonic Drivers in Sky Girls.

The director of this one, Sato Tatsuo, is also doing モーレツ宇宙海賊  and is also behind some of Xebec's other works, like Nadesico and Stellvia.


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