Winter 2012 Anime Previews - 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ 第2幕

6:30 PM

Image by Garakuta

Another helping of everyone's favourite bumbling detectives.

Title: 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ 第2幕, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai Ni Maku, Detective Opera Milky Holmes Act 2
Animation Production: J.C. STAFF
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery
Airs: 01/05 23:00 Tokyo MX
Series Summary from ANN (season 1):
In the future world, people use ‘Toys’ that grant them superhuman abilities like ESP and telekinesis. This has led to a boom in both minor crimes and the need for Toy-using detectives to track down the offenders and bring them to justice. Opera Koyabashi runs the detective agency, Milky Holmes, staffed by four cheerful and energetic girls.
Kenn's Comment: Loved the first season. It was whacky, zany and extremely fun. It's hard to hate the main cast because they're really just so dumb and loveable. The girls are back, and this season is likely to continue much like the first season did with Milky Holmes chasing after their loving arch-nemesis Arsene. If it's packed with as much awesomeness as the first season was, I'm gonna love this one too.


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