Winter 2012 Anime Previews - ブレイヴ・テン

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The obligatory Samurai-Ninja 戦国 anime. 

Title: ブレイヴ・テン, Brueivu Ten, Brave 10
Animation Studio: Studio Sakimakura
Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical
Airs: 01/07 26:00 Tokyo MX/TV Kanagawa

Series Summary from ANN:
A year before the battle of Sekigahara that ended the Sengoku Period, the ninja Saizou Kirigakure meets the miko Nami Isa as she's attacked by assassins. Her shrine was destroyed by Tokugawa Ieyasu for siding with Yukimura Sanada. Meanwhile, Sanada has been gathering ten warriors known as Sanada's Brave 10, who have the power to change history. As they gather one by one, Nami's own mysterious power awakens.
Kenn's Comment: Read through some of the manga a while back, and I can tell you that this isn't going to be like Sengoku Basara for those who watched it. It's bloodier and got more...not-for-children content, so to speak. Action scenes should be go, however, as they were pretty intense in the manga.

On the topic of the Animation company, they seem to be fairly new. Haven't heard of them before, but looking them up, they're behind Cardfight!! Vanguard. 

Another thing to note is that this one has quite the voice cast, like Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, and Satou Rina.


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