Song of the Week - A Velvet Affair

2:19 PM

A song that surprisingly is related to this blog.

Title: A Velvet Affair
Artist: Blanket Barricade
Genre: Indie, Pop, Rock
Single: N/A
Album: Parade Bells
Vintage: 12/12/11 ddmmyy

Kenn's Comment: How's it related you ask? Watch the MV and see if you recognize anyone, or anything. Is that a horse mask you see? Which loveable blogger do you know of who has one? Yes, that is I. But that's not the only thing that ties the song to the blog. If you read the Video Description in the Youtube video, you'll see that the director of the MV is an author on this blog, and it's even on their channel. 

It's none other than Mysti (Ivy), who I believe currently holds the record for least number of posts before disappearing on me (she beat Utumin by 1 post). I know she's been really busy with work and everything, so I won't hold it against her. Zelos on the other hand...

Anywho, when I got the vidya, it was actually the first time I've heard the song. We did the filming without the song playing, and whenever we did hear it, it was played backwards. If you watch carefully or just read the description, you'll see that the whole thing was done backwards. 

That's all for today. I'll do some anime posts...maybe later next week or the week after. Still in exam time for me. /sigh

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