Winter 2012 Anime Previews - エレアの騎士

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Soccer anime, if you couldn't tell from the image. The girl is cute!

Title: エレアの騎士, Area no Kishi, Knight of the Area
Animation Production: Shin-ei Animation
Genre: Drama, Sports
Airs: 01/07 06:00 TV Asahi
Series Description from ANN:
Believing himself to be useless at scorer, Aizawa Kakeru is the manager of his school's Scorer team, while his brother Suguru is its ace, and is even good enough to represent Japan. However, Kakeru may be harbouring a strong talent within himself that only Suguru can see, and the two often get into arguments over Kakeru's denial of his skills. Things are made more complicated with Suguru die in a car accident and Kakeru got a heart injury and need a heart transplant and the parent gave Suguru' heart to save Kakeru. Nana, an old playmate of theirs that Kakeru has a crush on. She join Aizawa Kakeru in his journey to the national and even international championships. 
Kenn's Comment: Story is a bit like Touch in a way, isn't it? With the talented older brother, the talented-but-doesn't-realize-it younger brother, and the girl who's pushing the younger one along his path to glory. Showing my age a bit here, if you know what Touch (タッチ) by the rather famous Adachi Mitsuru.

Being a Shounen series...particularly of this era, sports series tend to...over dramatize the sport, so to speak. I'm talking about people having special shots and abilities. It's why I tend to stay away from sports series. I'll check this one out, but in terms of football (soccer, in North America), I don't think anything will beat Giant Killing, which took the soccer series in the perspective of the coach. Unrealistic still, but sports series are almost exclusively in a player's POV, and usually one who isn't all that talented. It's the story of growth people like.

Also, if you search this up on a site like ANN or AniDB, they translated Nana's name literally (and likely incorrectly) as Seven. Nana's name isn't written as 七, but rather 奈々, and I'm pretty sure the latter isn't translated as 'Seven'.


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