Winter 2012 Anime Previews - キルミーベイビ

7:11 PM

Image by b3

For those of you who remember, I'm almost positive that I've put this one up as a Manga of the Week many, many moons ago. 

Title: キルミーベイビ, Kill Me Baby
Animation Production: J.C. Staff
Genre: Comedy
Airs: 01/05 25:25 TBS
Series Summary from ANN:
Sonya is an assassin attending a normal school. Yasuna is an airhead who follows Sonya around, unaware of how dangerous she is. This adaptation of a 4-panel comic focuses on the adorable ultra-violence that erupts when they try to get along.
Kenn's Comment: I'm usually quite apprehensive to projects helmed by J.C. Staff, but they did a good job with Azumanga and Milky Holmes, so I'm not too worried about a series like this going bad. The true test will be how they stitch together all the strips into a semi-cohesive story. All the strips are related by story, but they don't necessarily continue from strip to strip.

Hopefully it'll all be good fun, and the 'ultra-violence- aspect doesn't become too overwhelming.

Be warned: the PV can get pretty annoying.


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