Winter 2012 Anime Previews - リコーダーとランドセル

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This...might be one of the 'odder' series of the season.

Title: リコーダーとランドセル, Recorder to Randoseru, Recorder and Satchel
Animation Production: Seven
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Airs: 01/05 25:00 Teletama
Series Summary from ANN: 
The story revolves around Miyagawa Atsushi and his sister Miyagawa Atsumi. Atsushi looks like an adult at 180 centimeters (about 71 inches) tall, but he is actually an elementary school boy. Atsumi looks like a little girl at 137 centimeters (54 inches) tall, but she is actually in high school.
Kenn's Comment: ...I'm not really sure what to think about this one. Seven is more or less a new company, and the only titles it's got under it's belt as the Production company is 森田さんは無口 (Morita-san wa Mukichi)...and I haven't really watched that one. There really isn't much English info on this one out there, so I'm be honest and say that I really have no idea what this one will be like; I don't even know the story! 

Nevertheless, a common, recurring joke will likely be about the brother, with his tall, adult figure and good looks, combined with him being in Elementary school will likely lead to persecution on all fronts: girls will chase after him, only to learn (they can be denial) he's that young, or be chased away from his fellow Elementary friends (pedo).  

That's more or less what I can make of it.


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