Weekly Webcomics - 劇場 DARK SOULS

4:04 PM

Image by Rynono09

Continuing from the last Webcomic of the Week...

We now return to your regular programming.

Title: 劇場ダークソウル, Gekijou Dark Soul, Dark Souls Theatre
Artist: Nameless (Rynono09)
Genre: Comedy
Series: Dark Souls (game)

Kenn's Comment: Like it's spiritual prequel, Dark Souls Theatre is a fun series of strips featuring the many NPCs of this year's painfully difficult Dark Souls, which I'm still trucking away on. It's been almost 2 months I haven't beat it yet. I'm almost done it though. 2 bosses left.

Anywho, back on topic. There are similarities between the two. While there's no Yuria and Maiden in Black to lead the lily brigade (they show up on a cover page as well as making a cameo on the cover a book) we've got the sorrowful plight of Seath and his bumbling servants, as well as a rather humourous strip featuring everyone's favourite Sunbro. It's not quite as long as Demon's Souls Theatre, but it's just as funny. Not sure whether Nameless will be updating it anytime soon though. Didn't see any updates on his Pixiv.

Read it over at Pixiv or Danbooru.

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