Weekly 東方 Doujin - はなのなまえ.

9:37 PM


Even if you don't get or don't like the story, you should at least be in awe of the very artful art.

Title: はなのなまえ, Hana no Namae, Name of the Flower
Artist: Takatora
Genre: I'm not actually sure...
Characters: Hakurei Reimu, Kazami Yuuka

Kenn's Comment: It's hard to talk about this, because I can't say I understood the story very well. It also is a sequel to another doujin that Takatora did, Ye Fair Green Hills of Galilee. I haven't read/looked  at that one, and Takatora says that you probably should...but time and other restrictions have prevented me, so I'll be sharing this one only.

Regardless of how much I enjoyed and understood the story, the art is absolutely gorgeous. I suggest everyone take a look at it, even if you're not interested in the 東方 Project.

Read it over at Danbooru, or...Pixiv link doesn't exist, and it doesn't seem to be on Melon Books (tis a shame). Melon Books link is here, for those interested in the artist's other works. Pixiv link as well, is here.

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