Weekly Vocaloid Feature - ナンカイレナアイ

8:00 AM

I've got a sweet spot for GUMI songs that sound like this one (there's lots of them).

Edit: Scheduled posts never work. =_=

Title:ナンカイレンアイ, Nanakai Renai, I'm not actually sure what that means
Producer:  タカノン
Art: たま
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: GUMI

Kenn's Comment: Yeah, so I'm not entirely sure one what the title means.

Anywho, GUMI's more or less become my Vocaloid of choice, though I'm fine with any of them so long as the song itself (the important part) is good.

The song itself is standard fare, I have to say. This week was rather slow in songs (imo). It's good, but nothing about it really stands out as super duper amazing...except that art. Hot diggity it's nice. Feel like I've seen the name たま come up before though...hm.

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