Winter 2012 Anime Previews - パパのいうことを聞きなさい!

7:54 PM

Despite being a comedy, this one starts out pretty dramatic...

Title: パパのいうことを聞きなさい!, Papa no iukoto o kikinasai!, Listen to Papa's Words!, Listen to Me Girls! I'm your Father! (English title)
Animation Studio: Feel
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Airs: 01/10 25:30 Tokyo MX/ TV Aichi

Series Summary from Wikipedia:
 The story revolves around the daily life of a university freshman in the Tama University School of Literature Department. While he grew up with his older sister in the same house, he left home to live on his own when she got married, taking the two daughters from the husband's previous marriage in the house. The reason for moving out to live on his own was to distance himself from his sister's family. Approximately 3 years later, his sister and her husband suddenly went missing on an air flight. His life thus turned upside down when he was tasked with the responsibility of looking after the girls. He now has to live with three daughters of his sister. Two of the three are from a previous marriage and are hence not blood related. The girls are of various personalities; namely a tsundere (14 years), a mischievous girl (10 years) and a toddler (3 years) all cramped in a six tatami mat size room.

Kenn's Comment: Read a bit of the manga serialization, and so long as Feel doesn't exploit the fact that the girls are all loli (god forbid they do fanservice of Hina), it'll be a fun ride. It combines the usual harem hijinks with themes on family and responsibility (not family oriented mind you). I also hope they stick close to Nakajima's designs, because she's awesome. For those of you who read doujinshi, her circle name is Digital Lover.

I'm not exactly knowledgeable on the novels so I'm not sure how things turn out, and who gets more love, though I'm seriously hoping for the upperclassman. 


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