Hey Look! A New Blogger!

10:54 AM

Hello followers of the K625! I am your newest blogger, codenamed Mysti.

So who is Mysti?
Mysti is the short form of MysticaGrey, which is what I'm known as in the interwebland. But for you dedicated followers of Kenn's posts, I promise we've met in past posts before (;
I am a film school graduate, broke, in debt, and unemployed. Hahaha... haha... ha. Not that funny ;~; I like anime and manga too, but compared to them other fellow bloggers here, I am a complete newb. So I won't be posting about that because it would only make me look silly.

INSTEAD, you get to have post spammage of ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) from me!! You can find a very brief introduction of them on Zelos' post C:

As I am aware, Kenn and Zelos are only fascinated by them Dollfie Dreams (DDs). I on the other hand, am a resin addict and have a good long wishlist I plan to complete in the future. Despite it costing a good fortune. I also have DDs I really want and am planning for after I finish my resin list. But that probably won't be happening until I am in my mid-40's. "orz

Erebus, whose picture is the top hat of this post, belongs to me and is my first ever, and so far only, BJD. He is a Doll Family-H LingFeng for those of you who may be curious. He usually doesn't look that girly. It's the pink hairclip, I swear!

So to leave you off in a good dolly-loving note, here is a picture I took of Galamirix's daughters Mari, his newest addition, Sakuya, and Aoi from a photoshoot last week. Ciao!~ <3

Check out my Flickr Photostream for more pictures of BJDs!

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