Weekly Vocaloid Feature - Freely Tomorrow

5:15 PM

Ranking number 2 last week in the rankings. An impressive song.

Title: Freely Tomorrow
Producer: Mitchie M
Lyrics: Mitchi M, ЯIRE
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: 初音ミク

Kenn's Comment: By far one of the most realistic voices from Vocaloid I have heard in a very long time. While I really don't mind the slightly mechanical properties of Vocaloid, it's always a treat to hear one that's done this well. It's good enough to bring up debates of whether the producer used Vocalistener, a program which basically took a sample of singing and estimates the approximate values. It's used to make Vocaloids sound as realistic as possible.

Anywho, if anyone would like to help translate some stuff from the description, I'll leave them here.

First up: 調教すげぇ

It's up before the song title, so I'm guessing it's pertaining to the song. Also, if someone could give me a general gist of what the producer says in their little statement (starts with 2万 in the YT description.)

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