Weekly Vocaloid Feature - BRIGHT RAIN -another mix-

6:52 PM

From the crew who gave us VOiCE (meaning it's got an incredible PV).

Title: BRIGHT RAIN -another mix-
Producer: ラヴリP
PV: ニョホホ
Vocaloid: 初音ミク

Kenn's Comment: Gorgeous PV. It's gotten better since VOiCE and even that one was impressive. The two guys must be some of the nicest people around. Plus they remind me of characters from Advent Children (FFVII). The song, like VOiCE doesn't disappoint, though I don't seem to be able to find the original (seeing as this one is titled Another Mix). If you can't tell this isn't MMD, but rather a full blown 3DCG work. 

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