Song of the Week - Bartholomew

9:09 PM

Image from NC Times

Awesome song that some may recognize.

Title: Bartholomew
Artist: The Silent Comedy
Genre: Indie, Folk Rock
Single: N/A
Album: Common Faults
Vintage: 27/04/10

Kenn's Comment: Why is a Dark Souls trailer linked? Because it features the song! Bartholomew doesn't have a video, so this is the closest I could get. 

Awesome song. It's the kind that sounds best when it's pumped out at the highest volume, which is to say, one of the best kinds. I bet it's insane at lives. Lyrics seem to be fairly religious, but not to the point where atheists like me feel uncomfortable listening to it. All in all, epic song. Listen to it, listen to it again loud. Do it! 

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