My bluray arrivals ~

10:21 PM

I haven't posted for a while, anyways, this is what I got over the last 2 months.

Kenn: I've fixed all the images. They all should show up correctly now. Also took the liberty of trying out a rather tedious way of lining up images (since they no longer seem to line up naturally anymore).

This arrived first, Highschool of the Dead Bluray from Sentai Filmworks

The dub cast did ok on this I guess, I personally don't like Sentai's dubbing all that much, but they do get the job done still, it's acceptable.

These 2 arrived on the SAME DAY lawl

Angel Beats is also from Sentai. Again the dub wasn't as good, but it is still enjoyable; Funimation's dubbing is just too good

Main dish time

This is awesome. Funimation did an awesome job dubbing this; they've also licensed the OVA and season 2 so I'll be getting those when they make it here (hopefully soon). There are some disappointments, like muttsurini not being translated, but I guess that's hard to do anyways.
The quality is great, the box set was well worth it (you can change the covers too), 2nd disc's cover was originally Minami, but she's no match for Shouko in my opinion so she got switched out XD

Anyways, I decided to worship funimation now...because of Tales of Vesperia ~First Strike~ being licensed by them, that's amazing, I never thought I'd get to see that movie make it across...let alone on Bluray too!
I'm looking forward to Heaven's Lost Property and the movie as well(Sora no Otoshimono)
and maybe Rosario+Vampire?

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