Song of the Week - リア充ってこんなもんだっけfeat.ディスクン星人

6:05 PM

Another song from Hyadain. This song is truth.

Title:  リア充ってこんなもんだっけ, Riajuu Konna Mon Dakke, Is This What It's Supposed to be Like to Have a Girlfriend?
Artist: ヒャダイン feat. ディスクン星人
Single: ヒャダインのじょーじょーゆーじょー
Album: N/A
Vintage: 2011年8月3日

Kenn's Comment: Anyone want to help translate the title? The translation I pulled off an English subbed video of this song, in which I'll link here.

According Hyadain, this one is a sequel to ヒャダインのカカカタ☆カタモイーC. While カタモイーC is about the boy's nervousness and feeling for a girl, リア充 is the resulting relationship he's in (though there's a slight problem). カタモイーC also makes a brief reprise at the end. Also, I've googled ディスクン星人, however all the results point back to リア充, with exception to this.

This song is the B-side to 日常's OP2, ヒャダインのじょーじょーゆーじょー. 

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