VOCALOID producer spotlight - keeno

11:32 PM

Image by 麺類

A new thing I'm doing. This isn't going to be a weekly feature, nor will it replace the Weekly Vocaloid Feature. Enjoy!

This post will be featuring the producer keeno. He/she's great with Miku Dark, giving us awesome songs where Miku sounds very realistic. 

Looks like I've featured one of Keeno's songs before, though it's been a while. Songs will be in no particular order.

The PV featured in the post I linked to is an MMD one if you didn't realize. This one should be the original, with the illustration provided by mikitonana. This is one of my earliest exposures to Miku Append (DARK), as well as one of my favourite songs by keeno. There's an awesome cover by Rui which I'll link here. Her voice is so very awesome.


Beautiful song. Of the songs by Keeno that I'm aware of (I'm putting them all into this post), they all share a few things in common: They're all awesome, they all use Miku DARK, and they're all quite calm (in the sense that they're not heavy). Illustration by 麺類子. This one is apparently a sequel to Glow. Here's a gorgeous cover by Terry


I love this song. It's gorgeous. It's a bit more upbeat than the others. I could listen to this one on loop for hours and days. Illustration is provided by 麺類子 again. A nice cover by クノール.

A very soothing song. It sounds a bit like Glow, but there's enough separating the two. Like I wrote in the post I linked, Miku sounds ever so realistic in this one, especially on the sustained syllables. This one is the newest of Keeno's songs, with illustration once again provided by 麺類子. It's been out for about 2-3 days now, so I don't think I'll be finding any covers of this anytime soon.

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