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10:31 AM

Image by Raku Pix

Not sure how to describe this one really. Not recommended for younger readers?

Title: 菓厘堂, 菓厘堂4コマ, Karin-Do, Karin-Do 4 Koma 
Artist: Raku Pix
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Kenn's Comment: There's no description up on Danbooru, so I'll make one myself!

Firstly, let me list the characters. Why? Interestingly enough, characters aren't introduced, as the first couple comics don't use names at all, and then suddenly names start appearing (and it can be confusing as to who is who). Here they are in no particular order.


Ginka, Kaneka and Tamaryu have the easiest names, as their names are more or less describing them; Kaneka is a gold-coin demon (金=gold, money), Ginka is a silver-coin demon (銀=silver), and Tamaryu is a dragon (竜=dragon).

Anywho, this series is hard to describe. It's usually safe to work, albeit a tad bit naughty at times (though still within the SFW ideal), but there's a handful of times where it just blows the boundary straight to hell. That being said, due to it's...occasional sexual content and usual naughtiness, it's probably best for older readers. Also take care reading this if you're not at home.

Read it over at Pixiv or Danbooru.

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