Weekly 東方 doujin - アリス総受け祭

7:45 PM

Image by Takara Akihito

I'd kill to be Alice in this one. 

Title: アリス総受け祭, Alice sou Uke-sai, The All Alice Festival
Artist: Takara Akihito
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Characters: Alice Margatroid, Everyone else (lol)

Series description from Danbooru:
Alice is on the receiving end of everyone's enthusiastic affection.
Kenn's Comment: Not really used to seeing Alice as the object of everyone's affection (it's usually Reimu or Marisa), but Alice is usually portrayed as a fun characters (when not portrayed as a creepy stalker). Features pretty much everyone you can think of, as well as some 'friendly' competition between certain characters. Throw in Akihito's awesome art, and you've got a winner! Though, as usual, it seems that Reisen got the short end of the stick. Poor moon rabbit. 

Read it over at Pixiv or Danbooru

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