Weekly Vocaloid Feature - パンキン・シンドロム

5:06 PM

Halloween song!

Title: パンキン・シンドロム, Pumpkin Syndrome
Producer: Polyphonic Branch
Art: Buzz
PV: hie
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: 鏡音リン・レン

Kenn's Comment: Every October, a slew of Halloween songs by the twins gets churned out; some are great, while others...well let's just say they don't make the cut. Polyphonic Branch has lots of great songs under their (don't know what I should refer to PB as...) belt. This one is pretty catchy, and is pretty happy and upbeat for a Halloween song, especially towards the end.

Also, for those who know/ don't know what polyphony is, Polyphonic Branch's songs aren't actually polyphonic. If they were, they'd be a bit hard to listen to (though if done properly, it'd be truly awesome, especially if it ended up something like J.S. Bach's B Minor Mass) and hard to understand, assuming the polyphony happens with the vocals.

Over and out.

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