January 2012 - Zero no Tsukaima Final! Kugimin is killing me~

3:31 AM

I'm an avid ZnT fan, and I shall always be, I own the novel series up to the point to how much I can own it, I own all 3 season's DVD, I own all the artbooks, I own some figures and I have the CDs and all that whatnot for ZnT. Basically saying, this 4th season, is going to kill me, both in a good way and a bad way...

Yamaguchi survives his cancer and is able to continue his novel, I'm glad that he will be able to finish it, it is at the last 2 volume and he was battling with cancer just the past summer, and I'm glad that he won the fight so far. 

Zero no Tsukaima is about a boy named Saito who was summoned by a girl named Louise to become her manslave Familiar(Tsukaima). Louise was known as Louise the Zero because she knew no magic, and she summoned a human being as her Familiar while other students in her magical school all summoned some sort of fantasy monster. The story carries on to talk about the adventures of Saito and Louise, how their relationship changed throughout and how Saito was looking for a way home back to Japan. 

To talk about the 4th season, I'm going to have to go back to the first 3 seasons.
Season 1, was superb, that was what got me hooked, I believe it was possibly the first time I felt very sad that an anime ended. I wasn't as into anime back then I didn't know I would become such a huge ZnT fan at the time either. I just knew that the show was amazing, it has everything I like, comedy, romance, magic, battles, and of course, ecchi! So then, season 1's ending left with an opening for season 2, but it also gave out the vibe of "this story could end now even if we don't show it!" 

Then season 2 came along, with the director change and all that. The story was no longer the focus, the ecchiness and the fanservice became the top priority, but the story was still carried out, so ok, that wasn't too bad.

Season 3 was the worst of all, the show became a sloppy mess of fan service while the story was changed here and there to fix holes they made during the first 2 season, and making even BIGGER holes. The story carried out fine, it still makes sense, but it has lost it's luster in my opinion, the feelings in the novel was not portrayed at all in the anime. I was really sad, and then there was no news about 4th season at all for a long time. 

Then the author decides that the story is going to end, at volume 22. Everything was ending, Shakugan no Shana, Spice and Wolf, Zero no Tsukaima. All these old light novel series started ending and JC decides that it is time to make the anime have a tie in end with the novel as they were very successful doing so with Toradora, which ended with the novel(volume 10). No fan likes original endings so JC sat on Shana and ZnT until the authors are ending the series. Shakugan no Shana was much more well made because it has more episodes, it only has 2 seasons so far with final season on going but both seasons were 24 episodes each putting it at 48 episodes + the last season to cover the rest of the novels, which isn't too many.

ZnT however was left in a mess. 3 seasons with 12 episodes got us to 36 episodes, which got us through the story for about 12 volumes of the novel, so now we would need to cover 10 volumes in season 4, are they going to make season 4 a 12 episode series!? That won't be sufficient at all, so I'm hoping with all my might that it will be at least 24 episodes, they need that, even 24 episodes will be pretty rushed, but it is doable(toradora). I was scared that they will mess up the show even further but I was extremely anxious to see it at the same time, then the staff list was updated a few days back. 

The season 1's director is coming back for the Final season, AMAZING, I love his direction much more than season 2 and 3's direction. And then the main hit factor. The author HIMSELF is making the script. Just...wow, I've never seen that happen before, he must be determined to rescue it!

Seeing this new picture on the website also assured the continuation of the story into further than Galia, because I was suspecting it to end there if it will be a 12 episode series. However we were shown the Romanian people as well so I think it should be safe to assume that this will be good, this will go on and have the novel ending tie in. Now, I'm amazingly hyped and pumped for season 4, I hope this will be good!

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