Weekly Vocaloid Feature - Sweet Shackles

12:28 PM

Just in time for Halloween?

Title: Sweet Shackles
Producer: Maya
PV: しーな
Genre: Not really sure...pop-rock...maybe?
Vocaloid: GUMI extend SWEET

Kenn's Comment: As a commenter on the video wrote: I'd let Gumi tie me up anyday. Heck to the yeah!

Anywho, this slightly creepy and cute song really shows off cute in a way that I haven't seen yet. I know that producers like Machigerita-P do this kind of stuff real well.

Also, I've been less and less active lately, spending more and more of my free time either with school or on Dark Souls, so here's a treat. More Gumi! This one's an adorable MMD one. All credits are on the video I believe. Watch in 1080p for absolutel moe-ness.

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