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Ah yes. This is what Hell looks like. A painful, frustrating hell.

So, Dark Souls came out a few days ago and it's a good thing I had it preordered (who wouldn't have it preordered?) because the shop apparently sold out of copies before 3pm. Preordering got you upgraded to the 'deluxe edition', but it unfortunately doesn't exactly live up to that deluxe part.

Regardless of the content, that tin is pretty kick ass. This is the backside of the tin (which obviously makes the earlier image the top).

 This is what the deluxe edition gets you: the game (obviously), a small art book, and a card bearing a redeemable code to download the guide, soundtrack and bonus content. I have to admit that I was rather disappointed at that. The Demons Soul deluxe got you the guide and soundtrack, in a physical copy. It's the physical copy that really counts! You can't read the guide and listen to the OST while your playing the game (to my knowledge). The artbook is hardcover, which makes it  a little bit better, though the binding of the book leaves a lot to be desired.

 The bottom picture of Gwynevere is the most colourful and vibrant image in the book. Everything else is Dark Souls' typical dark and shades of gray (with occasional red).

Verdict: the deluxe edition was okay, but certainly not 'good'. The good part? Deluxe edition didn't cost anything extra, so for what it's worth, I reckon we're getting our money's worth. Now excuse me while I get back to torturing myself with the game...

And for those who don't know about Dark Souls, have some trailers.

Next up: Atelier Totori.

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