Manga of the Week - ポップコーノ・アバター

12:23 PM

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Okay, I'm back for the Manga of the Week. Have to say that it's getting harder and harder to find stuff to put up when I've done almost everything I've read (or am reading). 

Title: ポップコーノ・アバター, Popcorn Avatar
Author: Hoshino Koichirou
Genre: Shounen, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Serialized in: Shogakukan Club Sunday
Total Volume Count: 6

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
One rainy night, Wada, a young teenage boy, standing near the edge of a bridge over a raging river - is on a depressing brink towards committing suicide. Suddenly, a beautiful blonde foreign girl, named Lisa, mysteriously appears. Who is this cheerful girl? And why is she dressed as a cheerleader? Wada wasn't interested and tries to ignore her, but Lisa kicks him off the bridge, and says "try flying." And to his surprise, he does. This power, where did it come from?

It seems that there is a war between the gods and demons. And by fate, the result of this war is tied to Wada. Upon learning this, Wada does not look very pleased. Was this his purpose - his destiny? What will he choose? Does he even have a choice? Afterall, Lisa, the goddess cheering him on, is surprisingly his classmate.  
Kenn's Comment: Something about this series really caught my eye. First discovered this one a few years back, and more or less was smitten by it almost immediately. It's probably the personality clashing between the indifferent hero and the overly-bubbly heroine. The art reminds me a lot of Mizukami Satoshi's (惑星のさみだれ, 战国妖狐) with some...'upgraded' female models (yes, I'm talking about Lisa). I kind of forgot about this series a year or two ago after I started it and haven't really had a look at it since. Saw a work of it on Pixiv this morning though and figured it should be this week's Manga. Enjoy!

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