Song of the Week - シャングリラ シャングリラ

10:40 PM

Image from Avex

Yes, I'm well aware that I didn't post yesterday. 

Btw, such a happy song.

Title: シャングリラ, Shangrila
Artist: Acid Black Cherry
Genre: Rock
Single: シャングリラ
Album: N/A
Vintage: 19/10/11 ddmmyy

Kenn's Comment: PV provided is about half the song or so, the 'short' version PV. The other option was the 30 second CM (commercial) cut.

Seems that this one is quite a bit more poppy than some of his other works. Yes. His. For those who don't know, ABC is Yasu's (the vocalist of Janne Da Arc) solo project. One thing I've noticed from many of the PVs is that he often has that huge cast of instrumentalists. I have to say I'm quite fond of his voice. It carries a certain...charm to it? I haven't listened to much of Janna Da Arc or ABC, so I can't really vouch for other songs, but I do remember Zelos telling me about how ABC was really good. So anyways, if you want to full song, I'm sure you can find it on iTunes or something.  

In unrelated news, I'm going to very, very busy from now until the end of December, and most likely well into the new year. I've got exams out the wazoo, a masterclass to prepare for along with a recital and a concert, not to mention the ocarina-string quartet and the koto-erhu pieces I'm writing at the moment.

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