Song of the Week - Are We There Yet

12:11 AM

Image from Far East Vibes

Awesome song. Dumbfoundead is the greatest.

Woopsie daisy. Forgot to hit publish before I left for Dark Souls. Came back and hit publish without looking at the time. This is supposed to be a Friday post!

Title: Are We There Yet
Artist: dumbfoundead
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap
Single: N/A
Album: DFD 

Kenn's Comment: This song is dumbfoundead's life story in song form. What I love about dumbfoundead (aside from his impressive abilities) is that his lyrics and musics are always positive. He doesn't promote the gangster lifestyle (to my knowledge) or drug use and all that stuff that's almost become synonymous to the genre (mainstream at least). First heard Dumbfoundead on Epik High's [e] album, most likely Maze, but I didn't pay much attention then. He does a good amount of Youtube work, so that's most likely how I ended up a fan. Anywho, it's a great track, so give it a listen or three!

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