Weekly 東方 Doujin - 4コマチルノ

7:40 PM

Image by Nishi Koutarou

A little bit Yotsuba, a little bit Touhou and every bit awesome.

Title: 4コマチルノ, 4 Koma Cirno
Artist: Nishi Koutarou
Genre: Comedy
Characters: Cirno, Letty Whiterock, Kazami Yuuka, Daiyousei, et al.

Description from Danbooru:
Cirno's misadventures as Letty's daughter.

Kenn's Comment: It's got Yotsuba&! tinges here and there, but does not have the feel of a 'parody'. By that I mean something that more or less takes the source material and changes the characters. It's original, but Cirno, being the ⑨ she is does end up acting a lot like Yotsuba. It can be surprisingly touching at times, especially when Letty is in the picture. I'm hoping this one lasts a long time, for reasons I can't say without spoiling events for non-Touhou..ites?

Art is great, characters...well they're a handful. From the flighty Cirno to the clingy Daiyousei, they're a varied bunch. Story-wise, it's entertaining, especially when Yuuka comes into the picture. She's got her hands full with Cirno.

Anywho, give it a read over at Pixiv or Danbooru

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