Atelier Totori

10:52 PM

Got this one before Dark Souls, but the post is coming after Dark Souls. Hmm.

Unlike Dark Souls, this one came in your standard 'special edition' box, much like Trails in the Sky did. The cover art is gorgeous, done by the wonderful Kishida Mel.

This is what came with it. The game, the CD, and an art book. A physical CD! It's gorgeously illustrated, again by Kishida Mel.

Such vibrant colours. Totori looks wonderful as usual.

Totori's page in the artbook. Much of it is character bio, and the rest has a few miscellaneous works as well as backgrounds and locations in the game (many of them are familiar, as it's set a few years after Atelier Rorona). Again, the colours and Totori are wonderful!

The only problem I had with the artbook was how it's made. It's a soft cover book, and looks and feels very much like a game manual. Colours and content constrast very much with Dark Souls' art book.

And yes, that is my phone. Keroro hangs off of it.

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