October Impressions - Shakugan No Shana III ~Final~ *Spoiler ALERT!*

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Shakugan no Shana Final OP - Light My Fire by Kotoko

Yes, I'm suppose to be slacking off and not posting like usual, but october so far has been TOO godly for me to just lay low. I have to mention that every single OP/ED I've heard I've absolutely LOVED. Shakugan no Shana Final finally makes its debut...

 *Spoiler ALERT!*
oh, and I'm NOT giving you guys an overview of the past series, cuz this is all going to be my thoughts about the current one, hell, this is full of spoilers, why would anyone new come in anyways!? XD

and hell I gotta say, JC Staff, I have faith in you and Zero no Tsukaima season 4 again.  Kugimiya core virus strikes again! Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, Hayate no Gotoku! one after another, making the up coming seasons just so amazing and dense of Kugimin powers!

Season 3 starts with a blast for Shana, I was throughly surprised, they pulled a naruto shippuden thing, like how they showed Sasuke fight LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG before the fight actually comes, just as a teaser of what this season will get to. The story between season 2 and 3 was filled in very quickly with flashbacks and information that was narrated. The explainations were simple enough so you don't lose track of what is going on in the story so far and what happened between then.  

Yuuji turned to the dark right off the bat in season 3 and that was the wake up call. Shakugan no Shana Final is not about giggly school romance or happy comedy scenes. This is serious business now. Just because of this first episode of Season 3 I've decided that I need to buy the whole novel series because I'm so bloody hooked to Shana right now. I listen to the OP and ED repeatedly every day every hour every minute that I can. I was a bit sad that Kawada Mami wasn't doing a song for the first 3 monthes of the season, but hey, Kotoko's song I actually love to death this time, not complaining, still doesn't compare to Joint probably, but...that's fine! 

Season 3 of Shana will end with the novel ending, the last volume of the novel actually came out in Japan yesterday. Shakugan no Shana XXII, XXI's scene was shown in the FIRST EPISODE of season 3 in fact, just to build up the excitement and tension. The story will probably go backward and start building up how the first scene happened with the upcoming episodes. 

This is the ending to the first episode, we were shown Yuuji turning SUPER SEXY and taking over the Bal Masque as their Head of the Alliance. The reason was not clearly shown but Yuuji decides that he needs to end the fight between Flame Haze and the Crimson Denizens once and for all, and to do that he needs Bal Masque. Yuuji probably talked with Gin inside his Reiji Maigo alot about this issue before deciding as well.

We can see the ranks of Bal Masque clearly in the ED, Hecate bowing and standing lower than Yuuji indicating that Yuuji is now the head of Bal Masque.

All in all, I can't wait for episode 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ~ Finale
Episode one has hit with me with such an impact that it still lingers after 2 days. ugh, Kugimiya virus is taking over me again...I can't even imagine when Shana and Zero no Tsukaima attacks me at the same time next January...

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