Weekly Vocaloid Feature - VOCALOID 3

9:17 PM

Image by Mitsuka

A few songs today, since a just bunch of them came out.
A little late, yes. Was out all day. And Dark Souls.


Title: LoveDroid
Producer: かにみそP
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: GUMI Extend (V3) POWER

Kenn's Comment: The thing about GUMI's extend is that, unlike the APPENDS of Crypton, GUMI still sounds like GUMI. Miku APPEND still sounds like Miku, yes, but it drastically changes her voice. Extend still very much sounds like GUMI. 

Anywho, the whispering in this one bugs me a bit, but aside from that it's a cool song.

Title: メガネの向こうの世界, Megane no Mukou no Sekai, World Beyond the Glasses
Producer: キャプミラP
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: GUMI Extend (V3) WHISPER
Kenn's Comment: This one's a cute song, with an interesting instrumental backing. Whisper is the equivalent of Miku Append's soft. It's pretty catchy, with a cute PV.
I'm not really sure what the title would be in English, so I took my best shot at it. If I translated that wrong, feel free to leave the correct translation in a comment.  

Title: ずっとこのまま, Zutto kono mama, Just as it is
Producer: れるりり&ロンチーノ=ペペ 
Genre: Pop 
Vocaloid: GUMI Extend (V3) ADULT
Kenn's Comment: The title more or less comes up in every verse. GUMI Adult voice deepens her tone colour by a bit, making her sound a bit older. I can see this one being used to get an edgier sound out of GUMI, putting her more or less in competition with MEIKO and Luka (sometimes) for that role. Catchy song, but the her foot in that picture kind of scare me. 

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