Weekly Webcomic - ろすはるとまんすきーのおはなし

7:43 PM

Image by Muro

Been a while since there's been a non-Touhou doujin, huh. This one's just as cute though. 

Title: ろすはるとまんすきーのおはなし, RossHartman no Ohanashi, RossHartman's Story
Artist: Muro
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Series: Strike Witches 
Characters: Erica Hartmann, Edytha Rossmann, Waltrud Krupinski

Description from Danbooru:

A short heartwarming comic set during Erica Hartmann's JG52 days, also featuring Edytha Rossmann and Waltrud Krupinski.

Kenn's Comment: I admit. I know next to nothing about Strike Witches outside of what I've picked up from the two anime series. I've got no idea what the JG52 is, or who Edy or Waltrud are. That aside, I still found this adorable. Erica's one of my favourite character in the series and I'm always up for more Erica. The story is about how Erica ended up how she is in the SW series...I think. Anywho, it's Erica and it's cute. That's all that matters to me for something like this xD.

Read it at Danbooru or Pixiv.

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