Weekly 東方 Doujin - ナズーごしゅじん

6:58 PM

Image by Alexandoria

=3= A cute and short picture-book styled work this week. 

Title: ナズーごしゅじん, Naz to Goushujin, Naz and Master
Artist: Alexandoria
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Characters: Nazrin, Toramaru Shou

Description from Danbooru:
Nazrin and Toramaru Shou attempt cooking.

Kenn's Comment: Despite the rather lackluster description provided on the Danbooru pool page, I still recommend you take a quick looksie at this one. It may be beneficial to first read up on the Touhou Wiki for those who aren't familiar with Nazrin and Shou.

It's a short work...very short work. If I said anything other than it being ridiculously adorable, I think I'd spoil it for everyone.

Read it @ Danbooru, or Pixiv

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