Manga of the Week - 失楽園

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Title: 失楽園, Shitsurakuen, Paradise Lost (not Milton's)
Author: Naomura Tooru
Genre: Shounen, Action, Drama, Fantasy, SciFi, Shoujo-Ai
Serialized in: Square Enix GanGan Joker
Total Volume Count: 5 (ongoing)

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
Himoto Sora is a transfer student with a sense of justice and dreams of becoming a knight. Upon arriving at Utopia Gakuen, she learns of a virtual reality-like game played by the male students in which they use girls as weapons in battles for status and treat them as commodities. Seeing one of these girls being abused she steps in and through some sort of error unwittingly becomes the first female participant of the game. 
Kenn's Comment: At times, I've had to stop reading it because it got really, really hard to read for me. I'm no feminist, but I've always believed in gender equality (probably because most girls can do anything better than me "orz), and the setting of the story...and some of the events that happen are rather...intense, shall we say? Story wise, Sora's headstrong with a strong sense of justice, Lawful Good if that's how you like to describe characters. Her constant reference to being a knight and saving all the princesses gets a little lame after a while, and gives her a very static feeling character.

Lots and lots of people have complained about how this is more or less a shounen version of Utena, which I haven't read nor watched...yes, *gasp* shoot me, so I can't really contribute to that arguement.

All in all, it a fairly good read. It gets a bit heavier at times, but the characters are quite enjoyable when they're happy.

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