Manga of the Week - アホリズム

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A Week with Kenn coming up later today.

Title: アホリズム, Aphorism
Author: Kujo Karuna
Genre: Shounen, Action, Supernatural
Serialized in: Square Enix GanGan Wing / GanGan Online
Licensed by: CHUANG YI (Singapore & south east pacific Asia, new Zealand and Australia)
Total Volume Count: 6 (ongoing), 1 (licensed, ongoing)

Series Summary from Shinnen:
Naraka High School, is a seemingly normal school. However, unknown to the public is the cruel truth of what really goes on in the school's halls. Rather than studying, students are forced to struggle for their very survival. And the strong bonds of friendship may be the only difference between life and death.
Kenn's Comment: It's really fascinating. The concept of using a single word (in this case, a single character) to use in combat is great. The art is really nice and the characters are all enjoyable. Well, except for the big bad guy with the Steal kanji. He's a real butt head.

Praise aside, I should warn would-be readers that it does get very bloody and that younger audiences may find some of the material disturbing. Now that you've been warned, go get'em tiger.

By the way, if you could some up with a single character (kanji), or if you're not well versed in the Asian characters (Japanese kanji, Korean Hanja, Chinese...characters), maybe just think of a single short word, what would you use? Note that it'd have to be a word you come up with off the top of your head. You also don't have too much time to think about it. I'm not sure what I'd write, but knowing how much I like 'ken', it may turn out to be 「鍵」 (key), 「剣」 (sword), 「健」 (health).

It'd be interesting to see what people come up with. And don't think too much about how it'd turn out. If you happened to use the character 「穴」 (ana, hole) I'm not really sure how it'd work. Maybe you could put holes in things?

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