Manga of ze Week - Great Teacher Onizuka!

11:52 AM

Title: グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ, GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka
Author: Fujisawa Tohru

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Ecchi

Total Volume Count: 25

Kenn's Comment: Possibly one of the greatest manga series I've ever read. Onizuka's unorthodox teaching methods really wish that I had a teacher like him in my earlier years. Well, now that I think about it, if you were to mix the personalities and habits of some of my teachers, you'd probably end up with Onizuka. Anyways, the characters are awesome, and Onizuka's antics are a laughing riot. When the drama kicks it, it's seriously kicked in. It's got both an anime adaptation and a live action adaptation, plus a live action movie, so you know this series is beyond legendary.

Summary from AnimeNewsNetwork:
Onizuka is an ex-biker and gang leader who has one goal, to become the greatest teacher. He learns of the power and respect possible as an intern teacher, using his strength and connections to get his students to respect him. Now, graduated, he gets a job at a prestigious private school to handle their 'problem class' that made the past few teachers quit. He must handle a different sort of trouble when the trouble makers include some of the smartest kids in Japan who prefer a more cerebral approach to torturing their teacher. Onizuka must slowly win his students over and deal with their mistrust of teachers while handling the distrust of his fellow teachers.

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