Free Block Frenzy!

4:18 PM

Awight, so for today's free block, we drove with John down to Ed's place to pick up a few "special packages". He's got about 17 of them now. After having a popsicle as Ed's, we drove down to the McD's down on 41st for some food. John had two small burgers, I had a snack wrap, a parfait and an ice coffee. Kev and Ed had the usual I guess. Anyways, went to Tec for some Big 2. I'm terrible at it. Out of 4 games I won 2 though. Only because of the hands. Anyways, John didn't want to drive me back to the school, so I had to bus back. The bus only goes to 54th. I'm on 64th. FML. I swear I saw his car at the school when I got there. Grr.

Anyways, while I was walking down the hill to my place, with my music going, Sherman was behind me. Of course I didn't know that, since I have earbugs that cancel out ambient noise, and my music is pretty loud, so I'm pretty much in my own world when I'm plugged in. So he runs up and gives me a light punch. I only notice him then. When I walk with him, we usually end up talking about university and stuff. Don't hang around him that much. Not really much that I can think up of for conversation material. Oh well.

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