Free Block Not Frenzy!

2:17 PM

So here I sit. Alone in the school store, accompanied only by the loud mechanical humming of a large refrigerator, my iTouch, and a newly donated computer, coupled with an ancient CRT monitor, and a keyboard, standing on it's last legs.
There is no frenzy.
It is calm.
It is quiet, save for the humming and the tapping of the keyboard.

I can hear doors from down the hall shut.
I can hear the occasional passerby in a conversation with a friend as they walk down the hall.
I can see the leaves on the trees, rustling in the wind.

It looks like rain is coming.
Not the Korean pop star, but precipitation from the sky.

As I write about rain, I look behind to, making sure my umbrella is with me.
As I write this, I set aside work that should have been done.
Work that was set aside by another person.
Work that is not mine.

And so, here I sit, in the school store.

By Kenn.

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