Free Block Frenzy!

3:40 PM

Awight, let's get this started. Today was a CPD (Collaborative Planning Day), so class started a bit later. Including my morning free block, my classes didn't start until 11:05. Awesome. Ivy said she'd hunt me down today. Damn she was right. It was like she was waiting. Should've taken a different entrance. Only had an hour and a half of classes today.

Anyways, for the free block, we went in John's car, with his relatively unsafe driving, down to the bank for Kevin to do his stuff. After some illegal parking, a complaint about the illegal parking, and an attempted card game, we went down to McD's for some grub and free ice coffee. John and I had a snack wrap and two ice coffees, while Ed and Kevin had burgers and stuff. They had the ice coffees too, but only one and Kevin didn't like it. After two of them, I started to feel sleepy, while Kevin started to feel sick and kinda funky. I seem to have worked myself into a tolerance to Caffeine, so it sorta has the opposite effect to me. Which is awesome. Or Kevin says it's a bad thing, but oh well~. Managed to sleep in the caf while John, Kevin and Ed played Big Two.

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