Marketing Block Mayhem!

3:39 PM

Awight, let's do this.

So, I went into the store, pretty darn tired. Went around on the computer, watched a Haruhi-chan video on YouTube, and then did nothing really. This was all while Rena was wrapping/making a gift basket for Connie, who can't wrap things for shit, although I'm one to speak. Anyways, although I said I wouldn't help her, I ended up helping her at the end anyways. Connie got some pretty bad stuff. The acetate wrapping (clear, thin plastic, not saran wrap) came in seperate sheets, and was too small for the basket. Then the basket was kinda big. The ribbon for tying it all together was really thin, and you'd really have to go insane to make it look nice. Anyways, it took her 50 minutes to wrap and make the gift basket. Dayum. Anyways, after that I was playing Pocket Tanks on my Touch, and giving a play by play, which annoyed the sleeping Rena. She wanted to play too, so I switched to 2 Player mode and eventually lost on the last volley. Not cool. Kept putting in too much power.

After school, I ran into Christ, who told me that Darren had pissed him off a lot and was acting like a retard during his block, so he gave him a Judo flip, and threw him over his shoulder. Ouch. Serves him right though. Darren does some of the stupidest things. Good for you Christ! We salute you.

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