Grad '09

1:09 AM

Image by Asato Mizu

Awight. So, despite the picture, I did have my grad ceremony today...more accurately, yesterday. Here's the run down. I'll upload pictures later, when my head isn't killing me.

Got a ride from my parents, who attended the ceremony. Ended up getting there a half hour late though, since my mom's new GPS wasn't cooperating. I wasn't the last one though, and I still had a half hour to kill after I got there. The entrance to the stage was nerve wracking. Waiting in the line up, knowing there's a few hundred people sitting out there, and you're high up on stage, it's quite the feeling. Most people were being their usual selves though. Once up on stage, and seated, all the small things that we were told weren't done. Like the turning around, etc. There was cheering, there wasn't supposed to be, but there was. The principal didn't seem very impressed at a one point. Anyways, the real brunt of the ceremony started. A friend won 6 awards. Top student of the school. I envy him greatly. Even his girlfriend (?) is the top student. It's like Kare Kano >>. Anyways, while waiting for my eight seconds of glory, I was eyeing the various switches and buttons back stage. Found a pen and started clicking it relentlessly for a bit. Once I was up there though, it went by like a flash. I don't even remember what I did. It's real weird. Anyways, my head started pounding after that. It still is actually.

After the ceremony, I went to hunt for my parents outside. Took me a long time to find them. Went to look for Ed and the rest too. Found the two Jasons, Calvin, and Kevin, but no Ed and them. So much for an outing. Ended up riding the rails (SkyTrain, and hence the picture) with Ivy around and around on the various loops. Told her morbid stories, such as the story behind "An Hero", and how to get away with murder. She didn't like them. There was a DIY Disaster poster right outside the train's window, and she didn't notice it, so I told her there was a face beside her, and she turned around. It gave her quite a fright, though she doesn't admit it. It reminded me of one of my favourite manga series, Love Hina. Anyways, like I said earlier, I'll try and get a photo or two up sometime when my head isn't killing me. It's been there ever since I got off the stage.

Edit: Photos here. They're pretty bad. I don't have the pictures of the ceremony though. Don't know where my parent's cameras are. I'll get some, and stick'em in a different post when I find them.

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