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That's right! Namine Ritsu is the newest addition to the Vocaloid family! Ritsu's voice is somewhere between Luka's and Miku's...and supposedly is best at singing requiems. The profile seems odd too..

Age: 6
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 25.0 tons (Yes, that's tons)

Official site here.

Sorry. I lied. Ritsu's a creation by the folks at 2ch, the people who made Teto and Ruko. It's another one of their tricks to fool people into thinking that there's a new Vocaloid.

Another thing: Ritsu's a guy. Yes, as Admiral Akbar famously exclaimed, "it's a trap!", the same phrase can be applied here with Ritsu. I'm guessing earlier on, some artists didn't realize that Ritsu was a guy, and added breasts. Of course, that's explained here.

The folks over at 2ch might not be so far off though, as there's supposedly a new Vocaloid in the works by Crypton, the ones who brought us Miku, Rin/Ren, and Luka. This one's a male Vocaloid, with voice sampling supposedly from a 'young popular seiyuu'. More details over at ANN.

Anyways, enjoy some Ritsu singing. It's a really good song, and Ritsu sounds really good for UTAU. xD


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