Midnight Snack and Breakfast

12:26 PM

Image by granada

Sorry, that's not my breakfast. Nor is it a photo ^^; You can see more of granada's works here. They're magically delicious. (Yes, that includes Miku)

Anyways, everyone (Weej and TK) has had an entry on breakfast, dinner or whatnot, so I decided to hijack the bandwagon xD. As the title states, it's my midnight snack, and this morning's breakfast, which I just finished a few minutes ago.

Turning the quick, cheap and convenient into a gourmet snack. It's a mini-microwaveable pizza with dried herbs, herbed goat cheese, grated cheddar cheese, and hot sauce. The goat cheese was really tangy, and the snack itself left me with a terrible stomach ache. Something tells me that I'm not trying that again.

Had myself a continental breakfast (technically it's brunch) this morning. Bacon, eggs, toast and tea. Oh so classy. Unfortunately, I didn't make it.  My mom made it for me before she left for work, and I was still asleep. Or maybe I was playing Disgaea 2, but either way, I didn't make it.

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