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11:16 PM

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Drink til the sun rises over our nearly dead bodies!!!

So yesterday I was out for a good chunk of the day (read: all day), spending it over at my friend's place (in which the last few parties have taken place). A combination of lots of food, alcohol and alcohol related mishaps led to the fun (some not so fun) times.

This photo, and the next two courtesy of Jerry, buddy photographer of the party. Thanks for the shirts too  yo!
Starting with food prep! Quite used to being in the kitchen, though not used to being in a kitchen that lacks the essentials - oven mits, proper knives, pans and pots, aluminium foil and so on and so forth. Lots of food was there. Ribs, wings, skewers, as well as baked vegetable slices, a salad (that was barely touched), and a completely vegan cake. All food was courtesy of my girlfriend who planned most of it, while alcohol was on the part of the buddy who's house we crash everytime. He just has a good house for that (and he lives alone). 

During the party, lots of ERB was watched. Pictured is their latest product, Gates vs Jobs, superpowers of the computing frontier. Lots of loud music with obnoxiously loud bass, and videos of people doing stupid things like this. I can only watch that in the company of others. Makes me shiver and shudder and ugh.

Two of my buddies. On the left (Richard) is the owner of the house we crash, and on the right (Lee) is our sin-ridden Korean friend. After some drunken mishaps and karaoke, we played the crowd favourite - Game of Things. Being a group of four guys over 20 and a girl, some of the answers were about as work safe as porn. A question like "Things men would know better than women" netted the obvious answer - 2 for Penis, and the other two for Vagina. It got more offensive as the night and booze went on. And this was all accompanied by some wonderful Gackt music and other stuff.

After the party more or less left, those who were staying over had a wonderful time playing SCP-087 after a discussion about horror movies and games. Richard was getting impatient, and Lee, the player, was getting a bit antsy after some shadows passed by. Didn't help that the windows were open and the wind causing the blinds to quietly tap against each other. The entire time we thought it was a clock in the game. It's a very atmospheric game. Richard's not an atmospheric gamer; he's a competitive gamer who really doesn't like anything without competition. He also missed the scariest part of the game - when you die. Good lord. It's only a split second but good freaking R Kelly Christ it'll scare seven shades of poop out of you. 

After being scared shitless and climbing stairs that we hoped would not become endless, we had a lengthy discussion on religion and music. The debate about religion lead into conspiracy theories and was certainly something only a group of atheists could talk about. Music was an interesting discussion, with the three of us all coming from a musical education background. The three of us also had different tastes in music, mine probably being the furthest away from the other two. Talked about songs that evoked nostalgia, our favourite songs, songs that hit you deep, and stuff like that. My nostalgia or 'timeless song' was the reprise of Spirited Away - particularly nostalgic because of memorable the movie itself was. If you haven't watched it yet, I strongly suggest you do, as well as checking out other movies from Studio Ghibli. As for my favourite song, I went with Slow Club's Christmas TV

Spent a bit of the morning rocking out to various kinds of rock. Video is Richard's favourite band. We went from standard fare rock, stuff like White Stripes and Dead Sara, ending up all the way on the other end, with bands like Behemoth and Lamb of God. Needless to say, it was an interesting morning.

Absolutely awesome gift from the girlfriend. First two volumes of 乙嫁語り (Bride's Story) in hard cover - Hard cover!!, and figma Homura ,who will have her turn for a photoshoot once I find the space to set up a temporary white box. I'll probably be lending her 乙嫁語り to spread the love of Kaoru Mori. More people need to know about her and her mind blowingly amazing art! For those curious, I featured both 乙嫁語り and Emma in one of my earliest Manga of the Week entries. 

Gift from a good friend from the university. I had hints from everybody about what this was going to be. "You should be nicer to her." "I think she dropped some bills on you" stuff like that. Didn't expect it to be quite this expensive though. It's a wonderful gift, and I was in need of a new iTouch; mine was on it's last legs with it's headphone jack not working properly, music player would constantly stop 15 seconds into the song,  the browser wouldn't stay open for more than 5 minutes, and the list goes on. It's greatly appreciated, though the what this leaves behind is one question. "How the f*** am I supposed to match this when her birthday rolls around the corner? 

Gift from a buddy of mine from Music History. Two cool shirts from Aeropostale. Their shirts are less likely to shrink, something that can't be said about Bluenotes. Can't even count the number of times I've spent money on shirts from Bluenotes only to have them shrink in the wash. Some of them aren't that bad, while other shrink a hell of a lot. 

Pretty eventful. Next time I'm over at Richard's with Lee and whoever else, I'll see if I can either the Wii or Ps3 up. Wii will be vanilla games like Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart, while Ps3 will bring up games like Silent Hill and Dead Space. I'm not looking forward to that. 

Until next time, I bid you farewell~!

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