A Week with Kenn 106

4:19 PM

We're back with a less interesting installment of A Week With Kenn. I really should be working on that English project...but I reaaaallllly don't want to. 

Let's start with where I'm working. In case you missed the Tweet, I'm working on weekends down at the Richmond Summer Nightmarket with my cousin and his friends. Picture is Boss Dan at the grill. A pro chef out to make an extra buck and some fun, he does a mean pulled pork sandwich and some mighty smoked and grilled turkey. 

On a different note, this was my breakfast from a while back. Scrambled eggs, bacon and bread rounds. Pretty simple, basic stuff. Tasty and filling though.

Not sure if I've put something up like this before, but these are some of the (still growing) pears at my place. They're puny right now, but they'll grow to be tasty pears by the end of the summer.

These springs rolls were my 'dinner' at 1 in the morning after work a week or two ago.. Guess how long they were sitting out on the counter for? If you said more than an hour, you're absolutely correct. They tasted fine though, and I'm still kicking, so it was fine.

A photo from last week. For a good 10 minutes it rained like it hasn't rained in a long time. The rain and the hail (started falling towards the end of the spell) were so loud. It's been a long time since I've seen it rain that hard...not since March or early April. 

Breakfast from Monday. Turkey-Bacon (not Turkey Bacon, but Turkey & Bacon) sandwich on Pumpernickel bread. For those of you old enough to remember the good ol' days with Mr. Rogers, pumpernickel was something that was used to lure the Purple Panda out into the open. Just a little tidbit. It's been something that comes to mind whenever I see pumpernickel. 

To end things for this week, here's a photo I took this morning. I found a spider last night crawling around and couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. This morning, I found it wrapped in spider's silk as a meal for a different spider. It's a real spider eat spider world out there, huh.

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