Weekly Vocaloid Feature - Re;Birth

12:21 PM

This week, it's IA!

Title: Re;Birth
Producer: SeleP
Art: 優木きら さん
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: IA

Kenn's Comment: If someone covered it, I think it'd sound a bit like ALI Project, because of the way the melody sounds and feels. I hear seleP's songs often are pretty dark, involving things like killing your lover...so I wouldn't be surprised if this one involves something like that. The "Jailed for seven years" seems to imply something along those lines.

Anywho, it's been a while since IA's taken center stage on the blog. Lots of GUMI and Miku as of late though you shouldn't take it to mean that there hasn't been a lot of IA songs. I'm actually quite happy about all the attention she's been getting. While she's not nearly as popular as GUMI was at this point of her release, she's still more popular than the AH Soft ones - they've more or less faded into the background (with the exception of Miki, who just barely stands outside that curtain). IA's got more or a less a steady stream of good songs, so I don't think she'll be losing favour with producers anytime soon. If Lily and IA could gain more popularity, it'd be great because these two have really good sound voices that are lower than that of the more popular Vocaloids. A nice mature sounding voice can be done really well with Lily, so I'm hoping they take some more notice of her range, rather than exploiting the upper ranges of Miku and the others.

For those of you who noticed, the title is in English today (of the post, Re;Birth is the actual title). Having problems with my machine, and I can't seem to change over to the Japanese language setting at the moment, so you might be seeing a lot less Japanese on the blog until I sort this out.

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